When going aorund the streets you can see many guys in zunft pants and their big bulges behind their front shield. Mostly I look at the 2 zippers and think about what is behint the shield (big cocks and balls - possible with rings???). After the fashion of the last years (presenting the more feminine side of the man) today you see more men showing their masculinity with pride.

After several pant acquisitions (mostly rubber zunft pants) I decided last spring (2008) to buy a few of cotton working zunft pants and wear them with rubber boots. After the first tries I can note: very manly and stimulation the imagination. Mostly I wear only jocks (if ever) or several rings around dick and balls under this pants. And the benefit of this pants is the easy opening of the front shield and access of the strategic parts of a guy. In the next months I will buy a few other zunft pants for dirty games - mud and more is very appropriate for this pants.

When you some on-line shops please send me a mail

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