I prefer high boots and cowboy boot, cowboy boots boot tops and spores. However, everything is not easily to buy in Germany. In addition, you can really spend a lot of money buying this kind of boots. Some months ago I saw boots made of snake leather - price over $ 350 (based on the current exchange rate us dollar - Euro). I'm just thinking about buying them. I am stimulated by the visit of boot stores. I must be able feel and smell the leather before I buy a new pair of boots.

It is difficult in Germany to get knee-deep or even higher boots. Three years ago I was in San Francisco and visited Stompersboots (see link-page). I bought knee-deep Wesco Boots. These are made of heavy leather and you need some time to feel comfortably when wearing it (my experience). I also the crotch high boots from Wesco - very hot - and I will buy them in the next future (when visiting San Francisco again). These kind of boots are one of the hottest toy I can imagine personally.

Besides this I have developed a preference for working shoe sine one year. My collection of this boots is extended regularly . I find laced boots interesting (however without white shoelaces) furthermore; after 10- and 20 hole-boots I'm now looking 30-hole boot. Into variation of a proverb: Time comes, boot comes. However, first I need more place for my collection; at present it is already very narrow with all the things (not only related to my boots but also for my other toys).

Since the last update of this webpage I bougt several pais of cowboy- and bikerboots; the place for my boots is not great enough for all pairs, but I like hot boots (and gear). So i have to move other things to the cellar. Additional boots will come - because I will buy new pairs when they look hot. A few day<s ago I saw the webpage of New Rcok Boots (made in Spain) - this kind of boots look great (but they are very expensive; perhaps I will order one or two pair in the next two months).

My boot collection has grown (10 new pairs) since the last update - 2 new ranger boots and 8 new cowboy/biker boots. I hope every visitor can see his favorite boots.

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