For the last 10/12 months I saw several webpage showing spandex suits. My opinion was and is, that this kind of suits look very hot. So I decided to buy my first spandex suit (made in Germany) 6 months ago. The suit shows a snake pattern and has attached feet and gloves (but no hood - but the next one will have a hood). When I made the pics I wore a separated spandex hood.

It is very (very!!!) hot, to wear the suit. You feel as your really a snake man (this is my feelings - other guys could have other ones). It would be better, when the legs are sewed together. But you can't order this kind of suit from the German shop. A few weeks ago I detected a webpage, which shows also suits of this kind (and also mummy suits). When I again have enough money (to enlarge the collection could be expensive), I will order one or two of this suits. I can wear this suit a long time, best fitted with locked mitts (so can't free myself).

If you read this short description and also love this suits, please send me a message (mail) and we can speak and/or meet to share our experiences (I live in Cologne, but travel a lot - perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle of our hometowns - this will be no problem for my when I have some time ahead for planning).

The following table shows the first pics. Details only on enquiry (look at 'a few remarks'). The pics can be extended by a double click.

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