My preference for kilts has developed at the same time as my fetish for wearing rubber (see also my rubber page). My first kilts are made of rubber and are shown at the rubber gallery.

The collection has grown over the time (also leather and wool kilts are now part of it) this fetish has now a separate page with all pics and my description. If any reader of my page has experience in wearing kilts in public please send me an email - interested in discussing this theme.

The collection is small but additional kilts will be bought soon - perhaps real Scottish kilts. When you have such kilts please send me a message about shopping possibilities and suggestions for a public tour in kilts. Some weeks ago I saw the webpage of Utilikilt - this kilts look incredible hot! Last year I saw 2 (hot) guys in this kilts in Chicago. Everybody must say: these kilts are the hottest things at the moment. My order for a kilt of this type will come soon but the problem with the custom is not nice.

During the last months my interest for kilts as a very hot clothing piece is growing and also my collection of them. When I see a new kilt, I think only a short time about buying it and then order it. At the Internet you can see a lot of horny guys wearing a Scottish kilt. I will buy this kind soon and will wear it when going outside,

I found the mini kilt in a underwear shop at Toronto this august - hot or what you think?

Who else wear a kilt? Please send me a mail and we can arrange a date for going outside together.

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